Gempaknya My School


On 6th March 2012 (Tuesday), SMK Sri Permata is privileged to be the first school to participate in the Gempaknya My School! Program, sponsored by Julie’s Biscuits.

The programme started with an art workshop for 20 students conducted by professional artist and graphic designer Mr Kenji Chai.  Thereafter, Mr Kenji and all the 20 students painted our school wall on the Bilik Sukan Block with a mural design.

 I am sure all students and staff have by now, seen the mural and have given appreciative praises.  It has certainly added to the enhancement of the beautification of the school.  A great work of art Mr Kenji and thank you very very much!!

 A workshop was also conducted for the 20 students on the painting of shoes.  Who would have thought that the dull white canvass shoes could turn into such exquisite works of art under the inspiration of Mr Kenji and of course the artistic talent of our students.  Great work guys!!


During the morning and afternoon recesses, our students also played the “Scoop & Win” game at the hall.  There was great excitement as students from various classes tried to scoop as many packets of assorted types of Julie’s Biscuits as possible  – and their bounty was their prize to take home.

 All in all it was a long, tiring day for Mr Kenji, our student artists and the teachers in charge (Pn Cheah, Pn Indra, En Hisyam, Pn Thana Sri, En Bathma & Pn Hamzatul Akmar) for when we finally closed shop for the day it was 6.35 pm but not before our student artists got personal autographed cartoons from Mr Kenji.

 Check out all the photographs of the entire day’s event at

 “Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye.”

  ~Grey Livingston


Submitted by,

Pn Cheah Tean Hong





  1. Mr Kenji giving the students an insight of how art can be transformed into merchandise
  2. Our talented artists in shoe painting action
  3. Beautiful shoes and their owners
  4. Check out these cool shoes. Sri Permata students are giving Nike and Adidas a run for their money
  5. Students having fun with Julie’s ‘Scoop and win’ game
  6. Students posing with their teacher at the Gempaknya My School! event
  7. Before Gempaknya My School! – Does this look familiar?
  8. In the beginning… hhhmm… what is this?
  9. Everyone is hard at work
  10. Wow! Look at those bright flowers – painted by our talented Sri Permata artists
  11. The basketball contributor!
  12. Almost there… 80% done
  13. The last of the helpful assistants to Mr Kenji at 630pm
  14. Nice close up shot of the mural
  15. Finally all done up with the team who stayed until the very end
  16. Completed mural for SMK Sri Permata! Thank you Julie’s Biscuits and Gempaknya My School!


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