Euphoria In Ipoh

Dear friends,
It was a great day for SMK Sri Permata.
We won the Asian Schools Debate Championship 2012 after beating the Philipines team in the finals.
Our Kelvin was declared the best speaker.
Tharmendra Wemel won the public speaking competition.
Team B is third in the novice section.
What a wonderful feeling! SMK Sri Permata, a sekolah harian biasa, not a cluster school nor a high performing school or a residential school won all the rounds from preliminary rounds right up to finals.
The Pengetua of STAR residential school and also Rep from Kementerian Pendidikan plus Pengarah from Jabatan Pendidikan negeri perak were so taken aback when told we are a sekolah harian biasa with NO FUNDING.
We took a photo with Menteri Besar Perak who was also rooting for SMK Sri Permata being the only Malaysian school in the finals.
Kelvin and Tharma”s parents came last nite for the prize giving and dinner at the hotal ballroom. They drove back last nite with all the gifts.
Nallini and I are so exhausted. The kids are also tired and it was a great job waking them up so that we can take the shuttle to the train station.
We are leaving the hotel in a few minutes to the railway station. Never got a chance to eat the famous Ipoh taugeh ayam. Maybe next time when we are here for a holiday.
It has been a wonderful 8 days. Very tiring but fullfilling. Yesterday’s win was the culmination of 5 years of hard work. Thank you to  pentadbir, staff and friends of Sri Permata.
Last email from Ipoh.
Love always,

Bhavani Sundram

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